What is The Find?

Thank you for asking ;)

I started this shop to find the clothes the girl is picturing in her head, but maybe can’t find.  She sees it on the streets, at the local events, the festivals, the coffee shop, or IG with no link.  I’m digging to find the right pieces you want for your event and day to day.  I too am one of those girls, I just want what I want :)  

I carry on trend pieces that are affordable, however I believe in paying for classic pieces you could literally have forever.  The pieces we dig to find in the thrift stores that we wish our Grandparents would have saved.  I believe both are closet essentials. 

Fashion will always be here, and ever changing, and I love being a part of that. One of my favorite quotes comes from my oldest son from when he was three. When I asked him if he thought I had a good job as we drove by the mall, where I worked for 19 1/2 years, he said, “Of course, everybody needs clothes!”  😘 

Thank you for choosing to read and thank you for shopping with me!