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LEMON | Luxe Sugar Cubes | Drink Enhancement

$9.00 USD

What goes better with tea than a fresh squeezed lemon and a dose of sugar?! The Lemon sugar cube can make that perfect scenario with a drop of one cube in your tea!  Let's not also forget that a bright lemon flavour goes well in sparkling water, sparkling fruit juice to add that lemonade touch, in a glass of cold iced tea to make the infamous Arnold Palmer, and even champagne! This classic tea flavour is making a come back in a new refreshing way! Six sugar cubes per pack.

Notes: Fresh citrusy sour and bright acidic zest.

Suggested Pairings: All signature teas, iced coffee, sparkling water, vodka, gin, lager beer and champagne.

Creates Instant: Lemon and tea/Arnold Palmer, lemon iced coffee/spritzer/mimosa, classic shandy, Bee’s Knees and Lemon Drop cocktail.

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